Sustainability: to respect the environment through an intelligent use of resources and energy
and to take care of the well-being and safety of people in their working environment.

All these are the Values that Futura Componenti pursues with constancy and determination, with real initiatives.

Such as the abolition of plastic water bottles, obtained by supplying aluminium water bottles to all employees and placing water points in every department of the company.

The company presents a system of photovoltaic panels that have been expanded over the years, going from a power of 160 kW with the first system installed in 2013, to a new system, passing to 450 kW of total power in 2022.

In addition, the company carries out separate collections of waste products including:
iron, plastic and wood which are individually composted and disposed of at accredited entities.

In terms of supplies, for some of them, 100% recycled chipboard and mdf from wood waste
are used and we are able, upon request, to supply products completely made with recycled materials,
both supports and coverings.